Home Massage
(Pandemic Version)


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In these unprecedented times, you may be wondering about a therapeutic home treatment.

1) Is it safe?

3) Is it beneficial?


SAFE: Our Preventative Measures

We are making sure you stay safe while improving your health and happiness.

All our supplies and equipment are washed, alcohol sanitized, double heat or UV disinfected, and plastic sealed. During the session at your home, all equipment and therapists are boundary protected from all surfaces. After the session, all equipment is again cleaned, alcohol sanitized and double heat or UV disinfected.

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BENEFICIAL: Immunity, Mobility, Pain Relief

Many of us are aware that having a strong immune system is very important, both for preventing disease and overcoming them. Massage therapies directly and indirectly boost the immune system by:

A) decreasing stress hormone production (Cortisol)

B) decreasing aggression and high blood pressure hormone output (vasopressin) 

C) turning off stress and adrenaline production and immunity blocker (sympathetic nervous system)

4) increasing oxygen and nutrient rich blood flow (blood circulation)

5) assisting body detoxification (lymphatic drainage)

Range of motion is essential to health and well-being. Therapeutic massage lengthens connective tissue, releases muscle adhesion, increases blood flow, and stimulates nerve activity. All of these create restored flexibility and balance. This is vital for athletes, for the injured and for all of us as we get older.

Massage reduces pain by releasing endorphin hormones. It also possibly closes "The pain gate" and cuts the "pain cycle" on the nerve pathways. Thus it seemingly mimics the same action prescription pain killers instigate.

Many people report the positive impact of a massage lasting up to a week, and longer.