We at Majestic Massage believe in protecting you 100%. We adhere to the therapeutic body-work industry's version of the hippocratic oath: "do no harm".  That means using safe, quality equipment; it also means making sure that we do all possible to prevent your exposure to viruses and bacteria while taking care of you.

According to CDC and other guidelines, the following combined steps stop or deactivate most virus and bacteria activity, including Covid 19: vigorous suds washing, sanitizing with liquid or aerosol disinfectants of proper concentration,  heat temperatures above 82F degrees for sustained periods, UV exposure 15 min to 6 hours, heat temperatures exposure above 166F degrees.

Below are the steps we take before, during and after your session.


BEFORE:  Sanitization, Storage-Travel, Equipment

Microbes Out, Quality In

Sanitary Methods


High heat suds washed at 130F degrees with Oxiclean bleach, White Vinegar, Arm and Hammer Baking Soda and/or Borax. No chlorine bleach to avoid allergies! Heat dried at least 150f degrees. Combined, all these elements disinfect against Co-Vid19 and other viruses and bacteria. Linens are immediately wrapped straight from the dryer into sealed protective plastic, while wearing protective gloves.

Protective Clothing Gear

All protective gear is high heat suds laundered or it is first lysol wiped, then ninety second steamed at 210F and then either exposed to UV light for six hours or put in 90-110F dry heat for up to six hours.

Massage Table

Before each visit, the Massage table has been soap suds cleaned, lysol wiped, and double heat disinfected by 210F degree sustained ninety second 210F degree steam treatment and five hour 99-110F dry heat treatment.

Essential Oils, Lotions and other Supplies

All lotions and oils are close bottle contained without air exposure. All are lysol wiped prior to storage. Stones and heater are suds cleaned and alcohol disinfected. Everything is plastic bagged then boundary bagged. All storage and plastic boundary equipment has been lysol treated inside, and steam-treated at 210F degrees for 90 seconds on the outside.


Lotions, oils and Linens

All containers are stored in a cool dry location, with two boundaries of plastic, ensuring no compromised surface or surface exposure. During travel, they remain in double plastic boundary.

Table and all other equipment, protective gear

Table is stored and travels in a cloth carrier case that has been lysol sprayed on the inside and ninety second steamed at 210F degrees on the outside. All equipment (except lotions and oils) is stored in an enclosed hotbox reaching 90-110F degrees daily for at least three hours. During travel, all equipment has single or double disinfected plastic boundary in trunk space, on a lysol sanitized and heat disinfected plastic boundary, protecting it from the car surface.

Equipment Quality

We make sure that our equipment and supplies are highest in safety standards.

Essential Oils:  

100% Organic, from two topmost industry-reputable companies: Mountain Rose,  Doterra. Many are antimicrobial.


Fractionated Coconut oil, jojoba oil, or natural cream and lotion blends from premier company, Biotone. With chamomile and lavendar as a therapeutic additive. You may request organic non-additive. No PBA.

Heating & Exfoliating Stones

Black River stones from Minnesota, known as far back as Native American times for their evenly maintained heat.  The Pink Salt Stone is cut direct from the Himalayas, which have ancient sea salt deposits containing nutrients beneficial for the skin.

Massage Table

Table is made by the premiere company, Master. 1500 lbs durability. Walnut wood and CFC free PU upholstery.  3 inch small-cell density foam and memory foam, with no carcinogen or formaldehyde


DURING:  Arrival, Setup, Session

All Surfaces Covered


Your therapist will lay a plastic boundary down and put all equipment baggage outside your door. He or she will then put on full protective boundary clothing from one of the bags. Then you will be called to the door for greeting and short discussion about any of your household's past exposure to viruses. Before entering, your therapist will leave walking shoes outside the door.


Your therapist will lay down a plastic boundary in the designated massage area, and then bring all equipment in. At no time will any of your home's surfaces come in direct contact with any of your therapist's equipment. A plastic or cloth boundary will always be placed. Setup may take 20 minutes, so this is a good time for you to take a shower and get ready.


While your therapist will be wearing full boundary gear, you are free to relax with regular draping. For you, this is a normal massage just like any other time. For your added protection, your therapist will likely wear sanitized gloves for your face, hands and feet. For added massage excellence, your therapist will likely use direct skin contact with suds-washed hands and fore-arms for your back legs and arms (unless you request gloves for the whole session). Your therapist will wear an N-95 mask and possible face guard throughout. 


AFTER: Pack-up, Departure, Sanization

Microbes In, Isolated, knocked out


Your therapist will go wash hands and put new gloves back on. You get to relax, while the therapist gets to work. Pack-up will take just as long as set-up! It will be done in almost reverse order, with no direct equipment contact with your surfaces. All boundary plastic and linens will be placed in a large sanitized plastic bag. Thus, any microbes from your home travelling on boundary protectors stays isolated and contained until disinfecting. Nothing from your home touches another outside human.


Everything is brought outside your door, and then a quick farewell. Your therapist will then take off all protective gear outside. It will be put in containment bag. Outer bags will be lysol sprayed before going in the car. Thus, any microbes from your house are contained or thwarted.


The therapist goes home to take a full suds shower and gargle with mouthwash and salt. All material brought out of  your home remains in the car until it can be brought to the laundry or cleaning area for suds cleaning, alcohol sanitizing and double heat disinfection (as described in the first section). There are no back-to-back multi- location visits. All equipment is thoroughly prepared before the next session.


Our Promise: supreme safety, superior health

We do hold ourselves to the same, similar or higher standard of safety that you would expect at any health clinic during this virus season. True, given that some bacteria and viruses can be aerated, no one can 100% guarantee total containment or non-exposure. However, we aim to do as much as one possibly can. This is our promise: supreme safety, superior health.