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Essential Oils Make Your Massage Amazing!

More than just a "nice happy smell", essential oils are highly concentrated and filtrated plant based essences. The oils are mostly distilled from compressed and heated plant matter. They are steamed and separated from water molecules, repeated many times. Some are extremely concentrated. 70 pounds of roses makes 1 drop of essential oil!

For massage, essential oils provide varied and specific natural medicinal healing properties to your body. The mild affects of each plant become more powerful with the essence concentrations. Sometimes many different plants can accomplish the same goal, even if they accomplish it by affecting the body in different ways. This is helpful if you just don't like the smell of one plant, but do another.

Essential oils are safe because our body recognizes them as natural, and knows how to interact with them. So the side effects are very minimal to none. In comparison, lab or factory made chemical health products are biologically confusing to our bodies, which can cause all sorts of allergic reactions and side effects (hence why many of them need a doctor's oversight).

Using essential oils for human health benefit is often called "Aromatherapy". This is because the quickest affect on your system is to reach your hormonal system of the hypo-campus and olfactories, up through the nose. However, they are also very effective when put directly onto your body in the massage cream or oil. The molecular size of the essential oils are so small that they are able to pass through the skin barrier and into the muscles and blood-stream. When you get the "Ahh" massage or Muscle Buster massage, I include these incredible healing tools.

Some examples of immediate benefits that help during massage are:



--Muscle relaxant

--Mood enhancer (calming, energizing, loving feelings, etc)

When I use essential oils in my sessions, I use the protocols of safe practice and proper dilutions in accord with my training and certification. So many of my clients have benefited, I am passionate about using them!

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