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"I don't like Touch!"

He stood in the sunlight, a weightlifter barrel of a man. His bulging arms hung widely by his side, stretching his bright yellow construction shirt. There he stood, sunglasses on his head, eyes closed, his wife standing to his left. His almost teen son was fidgeting his foot. People walked around us as they checked out the other farmer market booths. Between him and me was a clear space of blacktop, about 7 feet. This was a test of the emergency broadcasting system—he had broadcast to me that he doesn’t like touch and hated massage. I took to several steps further back, and said, “tell me when you feel my presence.” I put my arms out as if I was holding a gigantic ball, and took one step forward. Then one more. He said, “now.”

How many people do you know who say “I don’t like to be touched, I would hate a massage!” This was one of those people, and today’s story is how I proved him wrong. I believe firmly that everyone likes massage—they just haven’t gotten the right kind. Let me tell you what happened.

“Open your eyes” I said. He opened his eyes and his mouth dropped open. His wife laughed. I exclaimed, “this is where touch begins for you. This is where your body begins. 5 feet away!”

The way I explain it is like this. Where does the planet begin, on the ground upon which we stand, or top of the atmosphere that goes two miles up? If you are in outer space, surely it begins with the atmosphere. Asteroids bounce off of it. It is the same with us! Around our physical bodies is an electromagnetic field that expands and contracts, from inches to many feet. We have our own atmosphere. For some people, their sense of touch begins not at the hair upon their skin, but at the edge of the electromagnetic field.

“Want to try something? How about I massage you from here and see what happens?” I exclaimed. He said, “Sure, why not?” I had him close his eyes, then put my hands around the imaginary ball again, except this time I could feel it. Like two magnets creating resistance to each other, my energy field pressed against his, and I could feel the slight heat and resistance. Slowly I stepped forward, pressing against his field creating more resistance, as if the heat was a substance that had weight and mass. I was about 4-5 feet away. Then I started to move my arms along the surface of the pressure I felt, moving it as a surface of energy I could spin. I did it softly and slowly, just to get a singular direction, creating a soft and relaxing energy current.

It must have looked strange to the other people at the market walking by. One person barked a laugh and quickly moved on. The other vendors in the booths looked over and smiled. They had seen me do this before.

“How did that feel?” I asked. “Whoa! I totally felt that. Ok, I’m getting on your chair right now. I want you to do ten minutes of that!” The man leaped forward into my booth His wife looked at me, impressed. “I’ve been trying to get him to get massage for years.”

The vendors laughed. One of them said, “Another client for you, Allen.” Then they turned to customers stopping in their booths. Later, I heard the man talking on his phone to a friend. “Yeah, I got this air massage. He barely touched me. I always get beat up by the trainer when he works on me. I hate it, that bruise feeling, you know? But this guy, I’m totally relaxed, with no pain.”

The truth is, everyone likes touch. For some, it begins in their electromagnetic field.

Do you know someone who hates touch? Pass this article on to them—I bet they’d find it interesting!

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