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What Makes Our Massage Majestic?

Majestic Massage started in 2014 in a small studio on Fort Myers Beach. Since then, owner Allen Lincoln (and other staff) has provided superior 5 star therapy sessions in a relaxed setting to hundreds of clients from all walks of life. Some have been every day locals, others vacationers, NFL players, NHL players, Olympians, wheelchair bound, elderly, pregnant, captains of industry and world travelers.

Today, Majestic Massage is located in Hollywood, though we still service gulf coast clients. We specialize primarily in home and "At-your-location" massages, though we also have an in-call studio. Though much has changed, the common denominator has not-- majestic majestic!


  • Treating Each Client Like Royalty

  • Listening Fully To The Client's Need

  • Relaxing the Client's Spirit

  • Providing Excellence In Holistic Techniques


What if you were told that the royal family of a far away kingdom was coming to visit you-- but would be in disguise? You would have to treat everyone as if it were them! This is how we treat our clients.


  • using top quality equipment, essential oils, lotions and treatment types.

  • accommodating your schedule, from morning to late at night, pre-scheduled to last minute request.

  • not rushing our sessions; our time is your quality time.

  • making our pricing reasonable and accessible.

We treat you like you royalty, because to us you are!


There is no other person like you. No one else has your energy signature, your body matrix, or your muscle-life history. You carry a lived story that is precious, powerful and unique. Why should we ever give you a therapy session that is not uniquely fit to you?


  • listening to what you say verbally,

  • listening to your body structure visually,

  • listening to your energy fields when being touched.

For example, you declare that you like deep tissue, are stressed from work, and your low back hurts. I see that your right shoulder is raised, your left foot lies flat and your neck turns further to the left. Your reflexology point to your right hip is signalling. You seem to be responding to a much lighter touch than your last visit, and are cooing with relaxation. All this now paints the plan of care for your session. We will never give you "the standard massage, the standard pressure, the standard technique."


Our ethos is not formal. Perhaps this is because Majestic Massage started on an island with the sound of waves and sight of sunsets playing outside the door. When you get on our table and close your eyes, our goal is to make you feel like:

you are on a week-long vacation,

on a tropical island,

where health and healing happens

to body and soul.

Don't be surprised if we take our shoes off, put on ocean sounds, and use coconut oil with the hot stones.


A truly great massage therapy session can literally change your life. It changes your thought waves, enabling you to make new mental connections. It reconnects the nerve train from head to foot, enabling you to walk with freedom and accuracy again. It can free you from emotional burdens that weighed you down. It boosts your immunity preventing disease. It can energize and clean your very cells.

Therefore, excellence in technique is our goal, every time. This can only be accomplished with experience, training, attention, and the right approach. For information about our experience and training, visit "Therapist Biographies". For information about our attention to detail, visit "Testimonials." We believe the right approach is the holistic approach.


Body Techniques:

Because of our experience and training, we are able to not only provide an array of massage styles, but to incorporate them together (see list of massages, main page). However, those techniques become more powerful if matched with mind and soul.

Mind Awareness:

We will guide your mind to find a place of peace and freedom. Creating a relaxed atmosphere, plus choice of music and particular essential oils help shift your brainwave pattern and lead you to a state where mental and emotional stressors and blockages release. Verbal and non-verbal cues are used during the massage.

Soul Release:

"The soul" is a label for the interface of your current emotions, your unchanging essence, your sense of belonging, and your intuitive self-measure of how effectively you are accomplishing your life purpose. The soul is where "it all comes together." What does the soul need? In short, the breath of the soul is LOVE, to give it and to receive it. A great massage feeds love to the soul. This allows the soul to breathe out bad emotions and increase its happy sense of belonging. A good Massage accomplishes this purely through caring, attending, empathetic touch.

Our sessions are centered on excellent

technique, intent and application

to bring

health to the Body,

peace to the Mind,

and freedom to the Soul.

And that is what makes our massage Majestic!